2016 TASSIE FASTPITCH CLASSIC 21st-23rd October

2016 TASSIE FASTPITCH CLASSIC 21st-23rd October

Another very successful Tassie Fastpitch Classic for the second year in a row. The tournament ran over three days (Friday, Saturday Sunday) with each team playing 4 round robin games, plus finals. Participation was definitely up on last year as we had 5 men’s and 5 women’s teams compete (last year we had 4 and 4). Also the evenness of both men and women was better. We had around 60 men play, 75 women, 18 team officials, 8 – 10 official Blue umpires (some from interstate) and a number of umpires (base) help out over the weekend.

Teams were, in the men:

Ulverstone, USA (ulverstone second team), Kruizerz (local), Has Beens (interstate, VIC), Thurabredz (interstate, NSW)


USA (ulverstone) Redbacks (Ulverstone) NTSA (Launceston), Falcons (interstate, VIC), Pirahanas (interstate NSW) Each local team were lucky enough to secure some pick up players for the tournament, which I think is great for not only the evenness of the comp. But softball in general, as they mixed with the locals, who were also able to learn off them and play good softball. The players picked up were Australian reps, Zenon Winters, Peter Wards, Harry Peters, Lewis Weldon (all playing for Ulverstone) Jourdyn Hollands (QLD men national team, also playing with Ulverstone) Jarrod Mellowship, Adrian Baker, Geroge Psimaris, Chris Gillies (Australian U19 pitcher) who all played with the USA second team, Jay Rakich, Aiden Powell (Kruizerz). In the women’s competition we had Samantha Poole (former Tassie U19 pick up player and now Australian women’s rep)and Jade Wall (Pirahanas, and Australian reps), with also USA women, Redbacks and NTSA women have a couple of mainland pick-ups each.

Another very successful Tassie Fastpitch Classic for the second year in a row.

These players along with fellow stars and Australian reps Adam Folkard, James TodHunter, James Brownlow, Jayden Lach and the very good players from Thurabredz really made our tournament what it is, a good standard, serious but fun.

To have these guys come over is just great and plans are place for next year and beyond. We still are open for more teams and hope word spreads throughout the mainland for 2017.

We also held clinics over the weekend with the Australian players as well as throughout the week, along with a sportsmanship night type thing on the Friday night with a question and answer with Australian reps, Zenon Winters, Harry Peters, Adam Folkard, James TodHunter, Samantha Poole and Jade Wall.


Dwayne Aherne

Event Organiser



Well done Ulverstone and congratulations on another great Classic.