Social 7s at Corrie Jones Memorial Day

Social 7s at Corrie Jones Memorial Day

SOUTHERN SOFTBALL has introduced  Social 7s to the annual CORRIE JONES MEMORIAL DAY

In 2015 Southern Softball’s home ground was renamed Corrie Jones Softball Park in honour of our first Life Member.

This season, on the first day back after the Christmas break, the Corrie Jones Social 7s Memorial Day was held.Four teams were made up from names of players and family/friends drawn out of a hat and allocated to each team. The team names were:

  • Red Robins
  • Green Budgies
  • Blue Wrens
  • Yellow Canaries

The only uniform required was any top in their team colour. Teams played a round robin and  the top two played off with  Red Robins defeating the Green Budgies to claim the Corrie Jones Memorial Shield.

Social 7s  proved to be a winner with players from all clubs mixing really well together, so much so, they want MORE.

Looks like this will be an annual event for SOUTHERN TASMANIA along with the Autumn Social 7s Roster.